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The GIS division is part of the Information Technology department.

Disclaimer: Data provided by the City of Burleson may not represent survey quality data. The City specifically disclaims and accepts no responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies. The use of the data or information contained herein shall be at the sole risk of the party using such data or information.

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Web map tools




·         Wheel up - Zooms in

·         Wheel down – Zooms out

·         Left click on parcel – Displays parcel information pop up

·         Left click and drag – Pans map

Navigation Toolbar

·         Click on the “+” – Zooms in

·         Click on the “-“ – Zooms out

Touch Screen

·         Pinch spread – Zooms in

·         Pinch close – Zooms out

·         Tap on parcel – Displays parcel information pop up

·         Touch and drag – Pans map

Address Geocode

To use, type in the full address with the city and state, or type in the address with the zip code, and it will zoom to the geocoded location.  This address locator is maintained by ESRI, and may be out of date for new streets that have been constructed.



Select how you wish to measure either by Area or Linear, or if you want to find a coordinate point.


Click to activate location tracking of the mobile device.

Scale & Coordinates



Legend Icon

The legend  will show you an example of the symbology along with a description of the layer.

The legend button is located in the top right of the web map application.


Layer List


The layer list is a grouping of various layers available for display on the web map.  Click the group’s name to expand the list and use the check box to turn on and off layers.

The layer button is located in the top right of the web map application.


Information Pop Up

Clicking or tapping and identifiable feature on the map will display the information contained on the feature.  The only feature available at this time is the parcel layer (show on the right).Info